Research & Development

Research at “NEST” is undertaken to address existing and pressing knowledge gaps in the policy making process and to advance the learning of researchers, academics, and decision and policy makers at all levels. The research finding would enable the Government and others partner organization for informed decision making.

Research Areas

We conduct research on the crosscutting themes of Information and Development Rights, Political Economy, Education, Technical education, health, Governance, and Natural Resource Climate change and Environmental Management. The research is designed and carried out to promote dialogue and collaboration between parties with varying agendas who share a focus on reconstruction.

All research projects are conducted from a systems perspective. Research at “NEST” is focused on the close examination of the interface between new and pre-existing forms of organization. Particular attention is thus paid to identifying and mapping autochthonous structures and optimal ways in which policy solutions are absorbed by the system to establish what works and why. Following are the kay area of research.

  1. Base Line Surveys and Impact Evaluation of the Projects
  2. Data collection and data analysis
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation System designing and capacity building
  4. Economic Development & Political Economy
  5. Natural Resources and climate change
  6. Governance and Right to information

In addition to this, NEST is a Knowledge Based Technology Driven Company. Our Consumer Panel is an online research community where your opinions can make a difference. You can help local and global brands via short and easy online paid surveys to improve the consumer experience. In return you can earn instant money and get better products and services in the market!

Our Consumer Panels in multiple countries consists of people who want to share their opinions and participate in surveys. These are opt-in panels, where all members have agreed to take part in surveys. Our members receive money for completing our surveys and the amount varies depending on the length of the questionnaire.

We trust our panelists and greatly value their opinion on the subjects / issues covered in the surveys. True, accurate and honest opinions are central to all research studies. And we will like to pass on only honest and correct information to our clients, who sponsor the surveys. In order to ensure robust data provision to our clients we routinely remove any panelists found to be self-contradictory and in consistent. We always expect from our panelists for sharing honest opinion for the benefit of all the stakeholders.