Residential Services

This is the easiest, least expensive way to connect multiple computers/devices in your home. It allows them to communicate with each other and share information such as internet connections, documents and files, printers and scanners, TVs, gaming systems and more via radio waves instead of network cables. We can install and configure your router securely, configure your firewall, as well as setup and install wireless printers . Say goodbye to meters of unsightly cables all over the house and get wireless.

Some Advantages to a Home Wireless Network

  • All systems in your home can access the internet, from any room(including the patio!)
  • You can share all kinds of data including documents, photos and e-mails more efficiently.
  • You can access files on the network from different systems. For example, if you are working on an important document at your desktop PC and it suddenly crashes, you can use your laptop (or other device) to access that document and continue working on it.
  • All systems can use the same printer (no more unplugging your printer and plugging it into the computer you are printing from at the time)
  • Moving devices from room to room without messing with different cables and without losing your connection
  • Network connectivity for your home theater

We offer support through secure remote computer access** which allows us to solve your problems faster, no matter when or where  you are! As long as your network is still functional, we can use our secure remote access to directly access your computer no matter where you are, and fix the problem. This tool can helpful for just about anyone  faced with viruses, system glitches, software installation, external device detection and email troubles.

Advantages of Remote Access

  • Less downtime and more convenience
  • No long waiting times for a technician to arrive
  • No unplugging and carrying  your heavy hardware to a repair shop
  • Traveling clients can often be helped no matter where they are
  • We start on the problem as soon as you report it.
  • Several problems can be solved immediately

*This service is provided with the consent of our clients and you are able to view what we are doing until the task is complete. High Speed Internet is highly recommended.

The older your hardware is, the more likely it will fail on you and result in a loss of productivity (and potentially loss of data!). For the most part, you can avoid major expenses by updating your computer regularly.  When your system is not performing as well as you would like, there is usually no need to buy a new one, but simply upgrade some of it’s components. We can outfit your current system with more memory, a better power supply, a faster hard drive, or any other upgrade that you may need.

On the other hand, if a new system is what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to custom build you a brand new system, set to your specifications

We can upgrade/install any hardware or peripheral including:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Memory
  • Video/Graphics Card
  • Case Fan
  • Hard Drive
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Webcam
  • Any other component you have have

Signs that it’s time for your system to get an upgrade:

  1. It has slowed down to a crawl: When CPU usage is hitting 80%, it’s time to start looking.
  2. You are spending more time than you would like to fix system-related problems
  3. Louder (and stranger) noises: good sign that a disaster is lurking around the corner
  4. The warranty has expired
  5. You have run out of space

Printer Services

  1. Set up and configure local and network printers
  2. Resolve issues with your current printer: dark or white lines, uneven print tones, blotches, streaks, low resolution etc.
  3. Set up your wireless printer

Too often, people go out and spend lots of money on a new computer when all they needed was a routine tune-up.  A simple computer tune-up can bring your computer back to life and drastically improve it’s performance, so you need to know the difference between a dead computer and a simple computer issue that can be fixed in a snap.

Signs your computer probably need a tune-up:

  1. Slow boot up
  2. Freezing
  3. Running Sluggishly/Delay in mouse movement
  4. Double clicking on software and it does not open
  5. Crashes and Error Messages (potentially including a “blue screen of death”)

If you don’t tune up your computer regularly, you will eventually have to spend hours reformatting your hard drive, reinstalling all your software, & losing all your personal settings.

Have the peace of mind knowing that your important data and documents are safe when disaster strikes. You will no longer need to worry about your data being compromised from a virus, device crash, theft or even a fire. Simply backing up your data on a USB stick can be risky; we can set you up with an automatic data backup done every night or day by a Secure Server.

Data Transfer

We offer private and secure transfer of your existing data from your current computer device to a new one. Getting rid of your old device? Make sure to take a look at AIK Solution’s Go Green program for more information on responsible disposal of your old equipment.

Data Destruction

Deleting your files manually does not guarantee total erasure of your personal and private information from your device. We provide complete ans secure erasure of all readable data on your device to ensure your private data will never be exposed. Make sure to inquire about our data transfer service if there is data that you want to keep.

Viruses and Spyware are not only annoying but pose dangerous threats to users. Viruses can let others hijack your computer, corrupt or delete your data, and both viruses and spyware can steal confidential data including passwords and credit card information and forward this information to third parties without your knowledge. Can you see the danger of such private information reaching the wrong hands?

We will scan your computer with state of the art detection software, remove all malicious software, and do a registry cleanup to ensure your system is squeaky clean. We also provide anti-virus programs and firewall protection to help ensure that the  problem does not happen again.

Potential signs that you may have a virus:

  • Your computer has slowed down significantly for no apparent reason
  • Your computer crashes and restarts
  • Error messages pop up constantly
  • Programs & files take a long time to open or do not open at all (Especially security software)
  • Security software no longer updates
  • Certain websites will not open (Especially those selling security software)
  • Programs disappear from your system without you removing them
  • Icons or programs that you do not recognize/never installed appear
  • Home browser changes on its own
  • People on your contact list receive strange e-mails from you (With a virus usually attached)